Our Research

a selection of our current and past research

Current Research

Past Research

  • Research to assess the relative impact of different ENDS on the behaviour of adult smokers within the UK. and U.S.

  • Provision of analytic support to JUUL Labs PMTA submission.

  • Research on the appeal of diverse ENDS products in the U.S. and U.K.

  • Recruitment of Sample for Clinical Study into the Effects of JUUL use.

  • Research to establish the prevalence of e-cigarette use amongst young people within the United States.
  • Survey of adult smokers that had not previously used an e-cigarette to identify possible barriers to e-cigarette use.

  • Survey of current, former, and never adult smokers’ perceptions and likelihood of using the PMI heated tobacco product.

  • Longitudinal survey of adults and young people within the United States to identify the factors associated with their e-cigarette use and possible progression to using other nicotine/tobacco products and other substances.

  • Repeat cross sectional survey to estimate the prevalence of JUUL use amongst U.S. adults and young people.

  • Longitudinal follow up surveys tracking adults using the JUUL e-cigarette over a 36-month period.

  • Longitudinal survey tracking users of the JUUL e-cigarette in U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, and South Korea.

  • Research to identify the impact on adult smokers of being provided with the Myblu e-cigarette.

  • Research to assess the impact on adult smokers of being provided with the BluPro e-cigarette.

  • Survey of 20,671 adult frequent e-cigarette users within the U.S. to identify the transitions in flavor choices.

  • Qualitative research into smoking and vaping amongst a teenage friendship group.

  • Accuracy of reporting JUUL use based on narrative questioning and image presentation.

  • Research into Public Reactions to Adult Smokers Using JUUL to Assist their Smoking Quit Attempt.

  • Research in support of JUUL PMTA.

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