Recent CSUR publications:

1.   McKeganey, N., Patton, A., Marza, V. et al. When it comes to assessing the impact of e-cigarettes, estimates of device prevalence matter: the BIDI Stick disposable device. Harm Reduct J 20, 85 (2023).


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3.     McKeganey, N. Russell, C. and Haseen, F. (2020) Awareness of the Presence of Nicotine in the JUUL Brand of E-cigarette among Adolescents, Young adults, and Older adults in the United States. Drugs Education, Prevention and Policy. Vol 27 no 6


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7.     McKeganey, N., Russell, C. (2019) Prevalence of Awareness and Use of JUUL E-cigarettes in a National Probability Sample of Adolescents in the United States. The American Journal of Health Behaviour 43(3):591-605. doi: 10.5993/AJHB.43.3.13. PMID: 31046889


8.  Russell, C., Haseen, F., and McKeganey, N. (2019) Factors Associated with Past 30-day Abstinence   from Cigarette Smoking in a Non-probabilistic Sample of 15,456 Adult Established Current Smokers   in the United States who used JUUL Vapor Products for Three months. Harm Reduction Journal.   2019 Mar 25;16(1):22. Doi:10.1186/s12954-019-0293-7 


9.  McKeganey, N., Russell., Haseen, F. (2018) Vaping and the Number of Cigarettes Not Now Smoked: An Additional Means of Assessing the Public Health Impact of e-cigarettes. Pulmonary and Respirtory Madicine 2019 Vol 3 No 1 (104) doi:10.29011/PROA-104.100004


10. McKeganey, N., Miler, J., Haseen F. (2018) The Value of Providing Smokers with Free E-cigarettes: Smoking Reduction and Cessation Associated with Three-month Provision of a Refillable Tank-Style E-cigarette.  Int Jour of Environ Res Pub Health 2018 15 (9) 1914. Doi:10.3390/ijerph155091914. 


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12.  McKeganey, N., Dixon, T. (2018) Why Don’t More Smokers Switch to Using E-cigarettes: The Views of Confirmed Smokers. Int J Environ Res Pub Health 2017 14 (6) 647 doi:10.3390/ijerph14060647 


13.  Russell, C., McKeganey, N., Hamilton-Barclay, T., Nides, M. (2018) Changing Patterns of First E- cigarette Flavor Used and Current Flavors Used by 20,836 Adult Frequent E-cigarette Users in the USA


14.  Russell, C., Dickson, T., McKeganey, N. (2018) Advice from Former Smoking E-cigarette Users  to Current Smokers on How to Use E-cigarettes as Part of an Attempt to Quit Smoking. Nicotine and Tobacco Research 20 (8)977-984 doi:10.1093/ntr/ntx176 


15.  McKeganey, N., Barnard, M. (2018) Change and Continuity in Vaping and Smoking: A Qualitative Study of a Friendship Group. Int Jour Environ Res Pub Health 15 (5) 1008. Doi:10.3390/ijerph15051008 


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20.  McKeganey, N., Russell, C. (2015) Plain Packaging Evidence Based Policy or Public Health Advocacy. International Journal of Drug Policy 26 (6) doi: 10.1016/j.drugpo.2015.03.004

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