EU Tobacco Products Directive

If there is one certainty in the world of ENDS it is that these products will become increasingly complex in their technology. Already devices are available that have Bluetooth connectivity allowing messaging to be sent to the user and enabling the device to be accessible only following age verification of the user. These and other technological developments will offer a way of reduce misuse of ENDS products but as in all things there is a risk. One of those risks is that these devices become increasingly appealing because of their technological complexity- another is that as the devices become more complex they come to be used in ways other than intended with some users viewing the barriers to inappropriate use as a challenge to be overcome. Other potential users may simply refrain from using these devices simply because they are seen as being too complex. As ENDS products become ever more technical there is an increasing need to ensure that research is undertaken to identify how these products are being used in real world setting. For further information on such human factors research contact [email protected]

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