At the Centre for Substance Use Research, Venus is involved in several research projects such as Prevalence study and assessing the prevalence of use and intentions to use conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes in U.S adolescents and adults and Recognition study and assessing verbal and visual recognition of e-cigarette products among adolescents and adults in the United States. Venus is currently leading the research project of Longitudinal Study to assess the rates at which cohorts of adults and adolescents in the United States initiate and cease use of a range of tobacco products over a 12-month period.


Venus Marza is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Substance Use Research with over ten years of experience in data analysis. She earned her PhD in Computer Science with the topic of complex networks in 2015. In particular, she focused on topics like data analysis and data mining in various large-scale networks such as health-care data. More than her role as a data analyst, she was also effective as a lecturer for more than 11 years in West Tehran branch of Azad University in Computer Science department.


Venus spent ten years working as senior researcher and developer at Behpardaz Jahan Company. For her recent three years, she was data analyst of EHR and pharmacies’ data. She has also designed a data model for e-prescription and medicine supply chain in FDO (Food and Drug Organization). She has published several papers in journals and conferences and has authored a book and a chapter book in her research scope.


Venus Marza
Senior Research Fellow

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